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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

We're Winning, Part 178a

The "resistance" in Afghanistan is running out of steam, according to the commander of NATO forces in the country:

The armed resistance against U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan is dwindling despite claims by the al-Qaida terror network that it has launched a renewed campaign in the country, NATO's military commander said. U.S. Marine Gen. James L. Jones said there are fewer than 1,000 fighters of the ousted Taliban regime and their al-Qaida allies in Afghanistan.

"The level of the threat ... is quite a bit lower than I had thought," Jones said late Monday as he returned from a one-day visit to Afghanistan. ... Coalition commanders believe "the opposition is running out of energy," Jones said.

This is despite the winter snows that hamper Coalition patrols. The approval of the new Afghani constitution has created a new political situation in Afghanistan, one that will exclude the Taliban as more and more Afghanis buy into the protections and freedoms that the new government will protect. Even if the new document doesn't provide the levels of protection that is seen in the West, it establishes a quantum-level improvement for their citizens over what they've historically experienced.

Only by eliminating the brutal oppressive regimes in the Middle East will we overcome the nihilistic bands of lunatics that want to impose Islamofascist regimes around the world, and we will accomplish it by showing the Middle East the benefits of self-government and liberty. Afghanistan was first only because the Taliban remained stupid enough to give refuge to the worst of the terrorists. Iraq was second because we needed to end the 12-year quagmire of the failing containment of Saddam Hussein in order to secure our strategic and tactical flank. Once we establish relatively free and open societies in both countries, the people in the region will have an opportunity to turn from hopelessness and powerlessness and demand the same for themselves. Will they take it? The choice, if we remain on course, will be that or continued military action on their soil, not ours. 9/11 woke us up, hopefully permanently.

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Enjoyed reading your entry and have linked to it on my weblog. I think we have a success story in Afghanistan and that eventually we'll also have one in Iraq...that is, unless the Democrats win in November.

Posted by: Ron at Feb 12, 2004 11:12:23 PM