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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl: Second Half

7:38 - King suggests that "Saving Silverman" was better than the first half of the game. Well, maybe he's right; you don't get to see Neil Diamond on screen too often, and I don't think you'll ever see R. Lee Ermey play a gay football coach again.

7:43 - Streaker on the field before the kickoff. Who said there's no action in this game?

7:58 - The Bud Light chimp commercial was worth a chuckle. The Panthers were lucky that the second-down pass play was ruled incomplete. It was obviously a catch, and the fumble would have resulted in a New England touchdown. Like the two teams, the officiating has been mediocre during this game.

8:06 - Scariest line of the night: "Erections lasting longer than four hours require medical attention." Owwww. That ought to keep you from trying Cialis. What's with all of the E.D. commercials, anyway?

8:11 - Did anyone else think that the Gillette commercial was just a tad overwrought? Using a Gillette is like having an angel by your side? I note that the 3rd quarter looks an awful like like the 1st.

8:19 - No scoring in the 3rd quarter; still 14-10 Pats. The Mall of America ad was pretty good, but I have a feeling that was just regional. If anyone outside of the Minnesota market saw it, let me know.

8:23 - Antowain Smith scores a rushing TD, and the Pats take their longest lead of the game. The PAT was successful, but it keeps looking like the snap is off.

8:28 - James Ph. made a comment about a Carl's Jr. commerical on the 1st-half post, but that one was regional, James. What happened in the commercial? Great catch by Steve Smith, too.

8:31 - Great run by Foster, breaking tackles and tearing holes in the defense for a score. I could have done without the hot-dogging, though. Going for two? How many of you agree with this? Not me ... and that's why. Dumb.

8:34 - Great Simpsons MasterCard commercial. "D'oh! Stupid voiceover!" Speaking of stupid voiceovers, we're back with Greg and Phil.

8:44 - Nice pick! That should fire up Carolina. He should have just taken the touchback, though. (Hindsight is 20/20, of course ...)

8:52 - What a play by Jake Delhomme! That's a Super Bowl record: 85 yards! Now you go for two.

9:05 - That is the second play blown by Manning against Givens on this drive.

9:06 - Nice drive by Brady and the Pats. It should be 27-22 after the PAT. But they've left a lot of time on the clock for Delhomme and Steve Smith ...

9:08 - Yeah, I'm good at math! The Pats went for two and got it, so now it's 29-22 Pats. This has turned into a good game, which is good because the commercials are pretty poor this year. James -- I miss Carl's Jr. I used to love their Super Star burger and the fried zucchini. Mmmm .... fried zucchini ... Nice runback by Carolina, but it's getting called back. Figures.

9:12 - King is right. The lamest commercials so far are the AOL Top Speed commercials. Designed to appeal to your average mouth-breather.

9:16 - There has never been an overtime in the Super Bowl? Carolina's aiming for the first one.

9:17 - The Pats got burned on their blitz! Big mistake, and Jake Delhomme connected perfectly for the TD. PAT good -- it's all tied up now,

9:19 - Kasay kicks the ball out of bounds ... nice job, fool.

9:25 - It's going to come down to Vinatieri, after all ... Brady is doing an excellent job in getting the Pats into field-goal range.

9:27 - HE MADE IT! And the fans go wild ... There are still four second left on the clock, though. A runback could win the game for the Panthers!

9:29 - That's the end of what turned out to be a really good game -- the Pats win it, 32-29. Lots of excitement and great plays, and we watched until the final play. A fan couldn't ask for more, really. The Wang Chung putdown in the Subway commercial was a nice finish to the spectacle.

Big thanks to everyone who hung out with me for the Super Bowl, especially King and James Ph. You guys made this a lot of fun for me!

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Janet Jackson or Amanda Peet?

I'm just saying...

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:46:53 PM

"How do you feel about back hair?"

Damned chimp is stealing my lines...

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:57:27 PM

Amanda Peet. As I said watching her great scene in The Whole Nine Yards. "Nice Presentation!"

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 1, 2004 8:00:37 PM

I agree with Ed, it was a fumble. Now, do they go for it on fourth? No. Mike Sherman says 'hi'.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:02:30 PM

Amanda Peet or Cialis?

Posted by: kb at Feb 1, 2004 8:04:19 PM

The Pat defense is still hitting, and finally the Panther defense looks a little weary. On the pass to Graham, the LBs were very flat-footed.

If they give up the TD, I think this one starts to go to blowout.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:19:54 PM

I thought they should have reviewed Fauria's catch. Now irrelevant.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:22:33 PM

Mall of America was regional. I suspect that we were seing the Real California Cheese commercial at the time.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 8:25:47 PM

I disagree, Ed. I go for two. The worst thing is they miss, you give the Pats a FG, and then you need a TD and 2PAT to tie. That in return for the opportunity to tie on a FG if you make it and they don't score again, or they get a FG, you score a TD and the PAT wins it.

I'm typing this after they missed.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:32:59 PM

California cheese? Just who are they kidding?

Going for two was stupid.

I have to get some work done. :(

At least it's not a blow out.

Posted by: DC at Feb 1, 2004 8:33:59 PM

I forget that Carl's is Hardee's further east from Calif. This babe was riding one of those barroom bucking bull machines eating a burger. As the bucking machine move somewhat slowly, her hips rock and thrust back and forth. I am not a good enough writer to do the commercial justice, but the way she rides that bucking machine is one of the sexiest commericals you'll ever see.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 8:39:55 PM

Anti-tobacco commercial -- further proof the government is trying to kill me more than the tobacco company.

Brady has done this in two consecutive games now. Let's see if it gets him this time.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:45:01 PM

wow -- you can't give him that much time. That's twice the rookie nickel got burned, but both times Delhomme was given too much time.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 8:51:10 PM

"Wow" says it all.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 8:52:45 PM

Belichick is a genius. That 2PAT was the best damned play I've seen all year. Great conception, great execution. I lost the ball until I saw Faulk dive the line.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 9:07:09 PM

If you miss Carl's Jr., go to Hardee's. If they are in Minnesota, I don't remember. Same company.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 9:13:04 PM

If (big if) Caroline gets a TD here, go for two to win, or one to tie?

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 9:14:23 PM

Can you believe this game? Missing Rodney Harrison cost the Pats that TD.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 9:17:24 PM

Those guys in the AOL ads are from Orange County Choppers (New Jersey or New York), and have a show called American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. The show follows them as the custom build motorcycles in their shop. It has become somewhat of a cult classic.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 9:18:44 PM

No, right to go for one, James. Chance of recovering onside kick if you miss is too low.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 9:19:26 PM

What a great game. Thanks for the ride, Cap'n!

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 9:29:24 PM

Yeah, Cap'n, thanks for letting us play in your sandbox.

Posted by: James Ph at Feb 1, 2004 9:32:15 PM