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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl: First Half

5:40 - How could Vinatieri blow a 31-yard field goal attempt? It looked like the snap came to the wrong side of the holder, and the timing got thrown off. Speaking of being off, the commercials so far are not impressive. The "monkey on the back" car commercial was exceedingly lame, and the Bud Light commercial was only good for a slight grin. They spend $2 million a minute for these?

5:45 - The Panthers can't get any offense going so far, and the second set of commercials is just as lame as the first.

5:49 - The First Mate liked the Bud bikini-wax commercial. I was cringing. Go figure.

5:55 - The H&R Block commerical with the Willie Nelson advice doll was the first really good commercial so far. The Don Zimmer moment was classic.

5:59 - The Panther's Wil Witherspoon just blew up a reverse better than I've seen in a while, and kept the Patriots from getting a field goal. So far I'm less than impressed with every facet of this game -- the (nonexistent) action, the lack of creativity in the advertising, and the dull commentary from the CBS crew. The only thing making me happy is King's commentary...

6:09 - End of the first quarter. 0-0. The Sierra Mist commercial was cute, but nothing different from what we've seen before from them. And the kid was mistaken, anyway; Mike Ditka comparing football to Levitra is just wrong. (Note to Levitra and Ditka: Guys don't watch football to get sexually aroused, or at least most guys don't.)

6:13 - OK, the donkey who wanted to be a Bud Clydesdale was pretty funny, but somehow I suspect this may be a continuing series of increasingly-stupid commercials. Look for a play on Rudolph at Christmastime.

6:19 - That's a great idea -- let's give kids who steal music prime-time commercials as a reward. Nice going, Pepsi. I think I'll skip their product for a while.

6:30 - I think that was a bad spot, and finally something interesting happened in the game! It won't result in a reversal, though. The Budweiser farting horse was definitely good, but having the Charmin commercial directly follow sort of seems like an ass theme is developing, here, especially after the Bud donkey. Yeah, told you they wouldn't reverse it. I think it was a dumb challenge.

6:38 - So far, this ain't Adam Vinatieri's night, is it? A Starsky and Hutch remake -- I heard about this from Emmett on Hugh's show. Looks like a broad comedy, though; wasn't the original played pretty much straight? Nice Muhammed Ali appearance for Linux, too.

6:44 - Thinker, I'm with you ... neither of these teams look like they belong in a Super Bowl. This is the longest time ever in a Super Bowl without a score.

6:46 - Jeez, finally!! Brady to Deion Branch for the first score of the game, and Vinatieri manages to convert the PAT. It's about time someone did something.

6:48 - Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms. Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms. Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms? This is CBS's A-team?

7:00 - And finally Carolina gets it together, scoring on a third-and-10 bomb to Steve Smith. Impressive drive. This might finally be a game.

7:05 - Now it gets exciting! Great bomb from Brady to Branch. King, I love good defensive battles, but Carolina's offense was just inept prior to their last drive. The Patriots should be up by six points, too.

7:09 - Now that was an impressive answer by the Patriots. King, I love bagpipes, and that Sierra Mist commercial was pretty good, but the Levitra commercial that followed it just took all the fun out of it.

7:13 - Carolina finishes the half with a 50-yard field goal, and after 27 minutes of offensive ineptitude, we get 24 points scored in the final 3 minutes. Now we get to watch the Janet Jackson halftime show and the CBS analysts try to make the first 27 minutes seem exciting.

7:29 - I have new drinking game -- every time Nelly grabs his package, you have to drink a shot. We'll all be tanked by the second-half kickoff.

7:34 - Nice way to celebrate a Super Bowl on Sunday evening -- by tearing off Janet Jackson's bra and letting her flop out into the open. Yeah, I saw the sticker on the nipple, but still ...

7:36 - The NFL Network's "Tomorrow" commercial was cute. Who knew Jerry Jones was that limber?

I'll be starting a new post for the second half.

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Why are they running old commercials? And a movie three months from now?

Hope you bet the under on this game.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 5:49:14 PM

Why are they not running Stephen Smith?

Another May movie. Why?

The H&R Block commercial kicks a**. What would Willie Nelson do?

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 5:54:36 PM

I used to deliver newspapers to Adam Sandler's parents. Should have hit the kid with one.

Budweiser is not as good as many years. What was the song in the Monster.com commercial? Best thing I've heard to day.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 6:00:37 PM

Delhomme looks confused on short passes, and the roolouts don't work. Pat run def is better than I expected against this line.

Did I tell you, Ed, that I miss the old logo?

MITCH bagpipes!!!!!

At last they advertise a movie I might see soon.

Gotta go eat. Back later.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 6:09:14 PM

Why is either one of these teams in the Superbowl?

Posted by: thinker1945 at Feb 1, 2004 6:38:30 PM

Glad to see someone else feels the way I do about the CBS team. The only group worse than their broadcast tem is the studio team.

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 1, 2004 6:54:35 PM

Who else would be the A-team for CBS if not Simms and Gumbel? They have nothing better.

Thinker, good defenses can make games look ugly. These are two good defenses. Though the Vinatieri misses are making this closer.

The AOL commercials suck.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 6:58:26 PM

You didn't like the bagpipes, Ed?

Live by the blitz, occasionally you die by the blitz. Perfect pass by Delhomme.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:00:39 PM

Told 'ja. Carolina blitzed a corner, gets burned.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:04:37 PM

This logo. Why do the Panthers bite on the play-action? There's no way the Pats are running.

So much for the under.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:08:27 PM

So what are we watching for halftime?

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:12:16 PM

Whatever happened to the lingerie bowl that was supposed to be on pay-per-view at half-time? Might be more interesting. Is there a hockey game on anywhere? Go Huskies!

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 1, 2004 7:14:43 PM

You should have seen the hoops game between SCSU and Mankato last night, James. Took the scholar-in-training and her friend. Jamal Staten (ex-Mpls North, ex-Northern Illinois) lit us up like a Reaganmas tree in the first half, we were down 19, and came back to win by four. One of the three best games I ever saw at Halenbeck.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:18:33 PM

Sorry, Saving Silverman was on Comedy Central. Much better.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:34:11 PM

Being in California, it's a little difficult to dop by SCSU. Two trips a year for Husky Hockey, though.

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 1, 2004 7:34:58 PM

I want that plane in the quit smoking commercial. Can do much damage to administration building.

Posted by: King at Feb 1, 2004 7:38:07 PM

I want that girl in the Carl's Jr. "bullriding" commerical......

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 1, 2004 7:39:49 PM