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Friday, February 13, 2004

Globe: Bush AWOL Accusers Lied

The Boston Globe reports today that key witnesses contradict allegations made by a central source for the Bush AWOL-coverup story:

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Bill Burkett, who has been pressing his charges in the national news media this week, says he even heard one high-ranking officer issue a 1997 order to sanitize the Bush file, and later saw another officer poring over the records and discovered that some had been discarded.

But a key witness to some of the events described by Burkett has told the Globe that the central elements of his story are false. George O. Conn, a former chief warrant officer with the Guard and a friend of Burkett's, is the person whom Burkett says led him to the room where the Bush records were being vetted. But Conn says he never saw anyone combing through the Bush file or discarding records.

"I have no recall of that," Conn said. "I have no recall of that whatsoever. None. Zip. Nada."

Conn's recollection also undercuts another of Burkett's central allegations: that he overheard Bush's onetime chief of staff, Joe M. Allbaugh, telling a Texas Guard general to make sure there were no embarrassments in the Bush record. Burkett says he told Conn, over dinner that same night, what he had overheard. But Conn says that, although Burkett told him he worried that the Bush record would be sanitized, he never mentioned overhearing the conversation between Allbaugh and General Daniel James III.

The Globe, which has been at the forefront of the media pushing this story, now reveals that the entire series of accusations had no basis in reality and in fact should never have been legitimized by the press in the first place. The author of an upcoming book that purports to detail the AWOL charges and their cover-up now admits he never even attempted to interview the two people Burkett accuses of "sanitizing" Bush's files:

But the book's author, James Moore, a former Houston TV news correspondent, concedes he never interviewed some of the key players who could have verified Burkett's charges, including Conn and retired National Guard Colonel John Scribner -- the officer Burkett says he saw removing items from the Bush file.

Moore, told yesterday that Conn contradicts Burkett's story, said he believes Burkett's allegations are true. "I think we're into a classic he-said, she-said," Moore said.

Listening to Hugh Hewitt's show yesterday, Peter Beinhart of The New Republic vehemently accused Hugh of irresponsible journalism by mentioning the Drudge Report story about Kerry's alleged infidelity without having done any responsible verification of the sources, in effect making Kerry publicly prove his innocence without having any evidence of his guilt. However, TNR and every other media outlet has done the exact same thing to George Bush despite the normal presumption of innocence and the extraordinary presumption of satisfactory and complete service that an Honorary Discharge presents. Instead, for at least the file-shredding accusations, every media outlet in the country relied on a single source that its investigator never felt the need to verify with the people he accused of participating in the cover-up!

Not only that, but the Globe story finally shows prior motivation for Burkett's accusations:

Burkett has, in the past, raised his allegations about the Bush records as part of his personal struggle with the Guard over medical benefits. For instance, in a 1998 letter to Texas state Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, Burkett complained that he had not received adequate medical care when he became seriously ill after returning from a mission to Panama.

Now that the Globe has demonstrated the journalistic bankruptcy of this story, I await the apologies of the national media in disavowing this libelous and shameful story. I shan't hold my breath.

UPDATE: A big welcome to Prof. Reynolds' readers from Instapundit, as well as from other links. One link was back to this forum, in a thread that had a response with a subject heading that called either Captain's Quarters or Instapundit the "biggest Bush a@@-kissing blog". I couldn't get to it from behind the firewall here, but I hope it refers to me. I've always wanted to be #1 at something ...

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Hasn't the Boston Globe been somewhat out front in fairly reporting the supposed AWOL story? Does that surprise anyone else? I wonder why the home town paper, not otherwise known as conservative/Republican-friendly, isn't interested in carrying water for the home town boy?

Posted by: Judith at Feb 13, 2004 7:28:26 AM

I am hesitant to level accusations at fellow service members, especially those who have provided many years of true and faithful service, but the final revelation in the article, that LtCol Burkett felt he had been retaliated against for an unfavorable management report, coupled with his other allegations of a corrupt National Guard command make me wonder if there might not be some personal issues at play.

Posted by: submandave at Feb 13, 2004 8:49:39 AM

The best indicator that this story is fraudulent is James Moore's admission that he never interviewed the key players in the supposed vetting of Bush's files. God forbid they might have denied it, can't have that in the book!!!

Posted by: James Ph. at Feb 13, 2004 9:09:26 AM

The point of the AWOL story was never to prove that Bush was AWOL. It was to highlight that he avoided Vietnam while John Kerry did not. That comparison - Valiant Principled Kerry vs. Cowardly Hypocritical Bush was always the motivation behind the story.

The media always knew Bush was honorably discharged and the media always knew the Guard was a part-time duty. But when people think of military service during Vietnam, they think of active continuous service. The fact that Bush got any time off from service, despite the fact that every Guard member is part-time, is meant to show he had it easy vs. John Kerry and all those who did deploy to Vietnam.

The evidence is this week, that is where the stories have turned. Last night on Hardball with Chris Matthews, "Do you think President Bush avoided going to Vietnam by joining the National Guard?" Last night on CNN, "The Civil War defined Presidential elections for 100 years. Perhaps it is not surprising that even 35 years later, the question is 'What did you do in the war'?"

This accusation of cowardice has always been the point of the story, and this is what the President needs to directly address. I don't know how, but perhaps a little anger would help.

The amazing thing is that the anti-war left is getting a pass in this. Chris Matthews actually bragged about avoiding Vietnam saying that all the smart people did the same. So which is it, is Bush a coward and a genius, or a soldier and a dolt?

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight - nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety - is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions and blood of better men than himself."
- John Stuart Mill -

Posted by: Scott Harris at Feb 13, 2004 10:59:13 AM

Were you listening when I called Hugh? (Of course the cell phone had to cut out, so I myself missed half the conversation.) I say we SQUASH the Kerry Intern story!


Posted by: DC at Feb 13, 2004 11:58:26 AM

Unfortunately for Bush Lackeys like you, blogboy, neither the Globe nor any other organization is backing down from the central theme of the story. Some details around the edges people are disputing -- after all it was 30 years ago -- but that's not the same thing as saying the story is not accurate.

Still waiting for your mea culpa on the "Kerry had a lover" story. Didn't see on, and I'm sure I won't.

Posted by: Robert Fox at Sep 16, 2004 1:58:40 PM

Unfortunately for Bush Lackeys like you, blogboy, neither the Globe nor any other organization is backing down from the central theme of the story. Some details around the edges people are disputing -- after all it was 30 years ago -- but that's not the same thing as saying the story is not accurate.

Still waiting for your mea culpa on the "Kerry had a lover" story. Didn't see one, and I'm sure I won't.

Posted by: Robert Fox at Sep 16, 2004 1:59:02 PM

18 May 2006

Fellow Patriots:

I want my country back!

The condition of our nation with respect to the political venue is at best a whirlpool of dire circumstances in an ever spinning downward cycle. I fear the worst if serious measures are not adopted very soon.

Prior to 9-11, I was a free spirited, fun loving American with dreams like everyone else. Since that time I have committed myself to pay closer attention to our political process. In doing so I have come to the conclusion that there are forces within our political structure with the sole purpose of undermining the core of our American values, that being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. In so stating I also believe that the only way to thwart the scheme of those who are subverting our Constitution, both unethically and immorally, is to address the GENERAL POPULATION with a plan by which, We the People take our nation back and move forward as our Creator has planned, through the insight of our forefathers.

In short, the theme of this plan is to “DETER” any and all persons who do not have truly sincere motives FOR THE COUNTRY in mind, from running for political office and simultaneously establishing a system of “ACCOUNTABILITY” for elected or appointed officials.

As you read on, for the sake of our country and mankind, please keep an open mind, for time is of the essence.

The framers of the Constitution did an outstanding job but did not have the lifespan to see how the outcome of their fruits and labors could be used against itself, that being among other areas, our COURT SYSTEM and the APPIONTEES thereof. As legislation emanates from the judiciary branch the future of the Republic swiftly dissipates. Add to that the nature of POLITICIANS who say one thing prior to their election and then do something else afterward, without consequences, surely adds fuel to the flames of destruction.

Our nation is being dismantled through, among other things, unreasonable taxation and most people don’t recognize any of the schemes because they’re so involved in the struggles of their own personal lives. It’s my conclusion that these struggles and problems are by design with the intent to undermine the sovereignty of America, and in turn will usher in their “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

For example, farmers are being paid by the government not to raise crops. Commercial fishermen have been forced, by fewer and fewer “legal openings to fish”, to sell their commercial licenses and ships, which the government is conveniently offering to buy if the fishermen will contractually agree, never to fish again. These are just two instances of the attack on our FOOD SUPLY. Manufacturing and construction are being manipulated by over restrictive “ENVIRONMENTAL RESTRICTIONS”, forcing us to import that which used to be produced here at home.

There is outright subversion in our educational system, “political correctness” and the “gay agenda” have hogtied the majority and now the illegal alien issue is just another smoke screen that politicians have allowed to happen, not for their political leverage as touted but rather as pawns designed to drain our national resources, break down the American work force and serve as a tool of confusion should a national crisis occur, which is coming. Their continual assault on our gun rights is for their self-protection as they force their agenda on the people thus giving themselves UNCHALLENGED REIGN. The “MEDIA” is nothing short of outright lies and propaganda, keeping Americans “DUMBED DOWN”. I’m sure that you’re aware of a multitude of other areas I failed to mention and when one combines them all it’s obvious we’re being setup for a fall. Personally, I have seen enough. The VOTE in our God given process needs to be expanded and we need to add just a little bit more to our Constitution.

Change is imperative. Any attempt to do so through the hearts, minds or souls of the populace, is secondary until there is a “CHANGE IN ATTITUDE”. Human nature tends to gravitate toward that which is gratifying, and more often than not, any time anyone is EMPOWERED with any type of authority, self-dignity is elevated to at least the same degree.

The Nations’ attitude and political direction will turn immediately, when the people are shown the PLAN by which they are given the power to create change and stimulate self-dignity without sacrificing anything more than the time it takes to VOTE.

The following will do just that and create “multiple positive effects”, at the same time.

Please bear with me as I preface, for all of the backbone in the plan is based on “ACCOUNTABILITY”. This is the last chance, We the People have, to salvage our freedoms and our country and I believe that if we don’t act soon the WORST is yet to come!


First and foremost, We the People “MUST DEMAND” that anyone PLANNING TO RUN for political or judicial office be required to SIGN an “affidavit” agreeing to perform and fulfill the duties of said office in an honest and forthright manner, according to the Constitution or local law. (You know as well as I do that when a person signs a written instrument that it carries a lot more legal and sub-conscience weight with it than the proverbial raising of the right hand and swearing an oath, which doesn’t seem to have much credence any more.) Should a political candidate refuse to sign such a document, We the People, in turn, will “REFUSE” to vote for that candidate. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END, for the UNTRUSTWORTHY POLITICIAN.

Secondly, any person elected or appointed to any public office AGREES that, upon completion of term, or sooner if deemed necessary, be subject to the “FINAL VOTE”. This vote will be based on the officials’ performance or lack thereof and is crucial in establishing “ACCOUNTABILITY” in our political system. It also is paramount in PLACING THE DESTINY OF OUR COUNTRY BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.

There are THREE criteria in the “FINAL VOTE” which WILL take place on ELECTION DAY. As often as we vote for NEW REPRESENTATIVES we will NOW VOTE AS WELL on the OUTGOING office holders at the same time.

(a) Having honestly and honorably served, done that which was promised and or more, for the betterment and satisfaction of the people then the benefits of the office which were offered prior to ones’ successful election will now be bestowed on our good and faithful servants. (For example; a pension, retirement, bonus or re-election)
(b) Having done a mediocre job. (A polite thank you.)
(c) Having connections to misrepresentation, fraud, malfeasance, etc. (Fines, jail, prison or worse.)

The EMPOWERED PEOPLE now, have just had their say!
The majority vote is now FINAL.
Litigation on the outcome is not an option.

No longer will the people be stammering around saying, “What choice do we have” or “What can we do!” Should this concept not sit well with prospective representatives, “DON’T RUN FOR OFFICE”. Any person seeking office will now seriously consider, anything but, an honest and sincere effort. I foresee where only the best and brightest will rise to the forefront in politics. Any citizen with good ideas or plans to enhance the community or the country could run for office and win as long as their plan is better than the others. Deviant persons are on notice. Anyone running for office after this plan is adopted by the people is now aware that there are rewards as well as dire consequences!

One could assume that this part of the plan, alone, would stimulate the Nation to get more involved with their civic duties but I don’t believe that should be left to chance.


Logical, competent and concerned citizens most likely won’t need any prodding to cast additional votes on Election Day. It’s the large percentage of those who don’t vote, stopped voting or who don’t care either way, who now have an “ADDITIONAL INCENTATIVE” to do so.

(a) Having cast a vote, whether for incoming or outgoing officials, the voter will receive a credit or credits depending on the level of office. (Example: President = 100, Senator=50, Governor=25, Mayor=10 etc.) These credits will then be applied to his or her NEW PERSONAL ACCOUNT such as in our Social Security System. Upon acquiring a stipulated amount of credits a voter would be eligible for either “Participation Based Health Care”, in the form of medical vouchers or an annual monetary dividend.

(b) To create even more incentive and compel voters to use due diligence, only those who comprise the majority in the FINAL or outgoing VOTE will receive credits. This will insure that the majorities’ assessment and vote on the out going official is accurate and correct. By truly paying attention to our political process one can now maximize personal benefits.


(a) In order to cast a vote a person must be a citizen and register to vote.

(b) In order to utilize the credit system a person must file an Income Tax Return. From all tax returns an across the board percentage will be deducted to sponsor the benefits program.

Not only will the “People Have Had Their Say” but ultimately create the incentive whereby citizens will look forward to becoming more involved with their civic duties and pay more attention to our political process. Aliens will avidly seek citizenship and most people will eagerly file a Tax Return, with all benefiting at the same time. Anyone who now decides not to vote will place the security of their freedoms in the hands of others leaving no one but themselves’ to blame should the corrupt prevail; as well as missing out on the benefits.

Understandably critics and most “politicians” will say we already have a system in place to oust those whom we no longer care to have in office by way of “recall” or by voting someone new in later but by that time the damage has already been done. Come next election we vote for the lesser of two evils again and the cycle of damage worsens. These same people will soon realize that their scheme is about to end. This plan proposes the notion that will DETER the “Bad Seeds” from running for office in the first place. THIS IS THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM THAT OUR REPUBLIC HAS YET TO NEGOTIATE.

There are many facets to be polished out in this plan and I welcome any and all comments: pro or con. I don’t intend to go into lengthy detail of my thoughts on structuring the Health Care Benefits Plan or distribution of dividends at this time but I will state that my “THREEFOLD RESTRUCTURING” of our current voting system, will insure ACCURACY in the count, VALIDITY on the outcome and equitable UNIFORMITY nationwide. This restructuring of the voting procedure is the blueprint for implementing the benefits/dividend plan and is additionally designed to incorporate community service, jury duty and donating blood as additional stimuli for citizens to muster credits and stay involved IN UNITING AMERICA and AMERICANS, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I’ll hold further detail in reserve due to time constraints and an expression of your interest.

We’re living in dangerous times where drastic measures are necessary as the ultimate scenario now confronts us, Good verses Evil, with evil defiantly staring us right in the face and establishing an even stronger foothold. No doubt there will be those who will reject this plan but hopefully, as long as we’re still the moral majority in the land, we’ll maintain the upper hand. I’m convinced in my heart that, by the shear mention of this plan, those evil forces will certainly understand that their plight has been helplessly devastated, sending them into distant obscurity, possibly forever.

Implementation of this plan will INSURE that our Republic will boil down to its’ true essence, whereby our government will downsize through honesty and efficiency, evolving into the fine tuned machine it was designed to be, affording the citizenry peace of mind, knowing that our elected officials are truly working for us. Then we’ll have the time to live the American Dream!

Again, once the “EMPOWERED PEOPLE” see the light a FIRESTORM of ENTHUIASM will race across this land! When the people elect only those who subscribe to this course of action will we get true representation and I personally don’t see where that would take a long time. Accountability will be demanded and through our example as a nation, the people of the world will eventually see the true merits of our system and follow suit.

“THERE IS NO CONCLUSION TO PATRIOTISM, EXCEPT IN DEATH”! It makes no difference what one has done in the past because more will always need to be done. It’s no longer enough to just wave Old Glory around or CLAIM TO BE PATRIOTIC. It’s time to PROVE IT, to yourself, to your fellow countrymen and the world. Then we must continue to prove it as one who LIVES in the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. It’s time to shed any and all fear for we’re all in this together whether you like it or not and the destiny our Creator designed for this country is at the crossroads of time. “We need to step up to a new level or get stepped on”! I can only hope and pray that it’s not too late!

To date, I have presented this plan to all the WRONG PEOPLE, specifically politicians at all levels. I now petition you as one patriot to another to ingest the aforesaid and help create the party of the best and the brightest, Of the People, By the People, For the People, THE AMERICAN PARTY, and then at your earliest possible convenience let me know your thoughts and how best to INFORM the populace. POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE. WE MUST INFORM THE PEOPLE!

Bob Paulis

Posted by: Bob Paulis at Jun 30, 2006 4:24:22 PM

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Posted by: ukujmidt at Oct 24, 2008 5:42:07 PM