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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Dean: VP A Possibility

Howard Dean, who has staked what's left of his presidential campaign on Feb 17th's Wisconsin's primary, has acknowledged that he would consider a VP nomination:

During a campaign interview for the February 17 Wisconsin primary, Howard Dean left open the possibility he would accept a vice presidential nomination on a Democratic presidential ticket. The former Vermont governor's comments came in an interview with a Milwaukee radio station on Friday.

Asked by radio station WMCS whether he would accept the vice presidential slot, Dean replied, "I would, to the extent, do anything I could to get rid of President Bush. I'll do whatever is best for the party. Obviously, I'm running for president, but whatever's best is what I'll do. Anything."

Dean's problem has been that he will say and do anything to win, leading him to odd reversals of previous policy beliefs and unusual statements. In this case, Dean's not likely to be called to serve at the bottom of the ticket anyway. For one thing, assuming that Kerry wins the nomination, the Democrats will want someone other than another New England liberal in the VP slot. More than likely, they'd prefer to see Edwards in order to broaden their appeal in the South. Also, Dean has proved himself a poor campaigner, prone to questionable statements and famously displaying a political tin ear in Iowa.

In fact, Dean's sudden volunteerism rings a bit hollow when Dean has gone negative on every Democrat who's polled above 10% in any state, except Sharpton, who made Dean look ridiculous in the Iowa debate. Why would Kerry or Edwards want Dean on their ticket now?

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