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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Can't Get Enough of Link Love, Babe

Continuing my Sunday tours through the blogosphere in honor of Valentine's Day (it's next Saturday -- start making those arrangements!), let's see what's happening on some of my blogroll friends ...

Starting with the Northern Alliance, Saint Paul at Fraters Libertas notes the success of the two local dailies despite their lack of customer service, and draws the only logical conclusion: it's time to get more rude with readers. Hindrocket at Power Line gives some background on Herb Brooks now that the movie Miracle has been released; be sure to read it. King at SCSU Scholars reviews a piece by Mark Steyn and relates it to his own well-documented work in improving educational standards in Minnesota. The Warrior Monk at Spitbull rails against the suburban machine. And Mitch at Shot In The Dark notes his change of heart on capital punishment.

Sailing further along the coasts of the blogosphere, Electric Venom has a couple of posts up worthy of note. The first is the long-delayed Snark Hunt, featuring yours truly's take on Adam Sandler's latest career announcement. And Venomous Kate also has a link to the transcript of some truly original cyber romance (adults only, please!). Alicia at Twilight Café recounts her experiences terrorizing poor man-boys at fast-food restaurants. (If you're ever in Texas, be afraid ... be very afraid.) DC at Brainstorming, meanwhile, has become Pre10tious ...

Moving out into more stormy seas, Jon at QandO uses the Democrats' suggested questions for the Bush/Russert interview and handles the pressure better than Bush did -- unfortunately. Brant at SWLiP, fresh off of playing Dueling Comments with me here, gives a Holocaust revisionist a chance to rebut Brant's earlier outrage. As you might expect, it's all vague assertions of conspiracies and no proof whatsoever; Paul Davies needs to read more William Shirer. To see where that crap leads, Crossing the Rubicon2 notes a disturbing incident intersecting anti-Semitism and Germans once again, complete with aggravated assault, this time in New York. And Allah notes that Europeans simply love Jews -- in fact, they want them to move there and abandon Israel. They're suggesting Germany, of all places. Seriously.

Finally, it's not link-love unless we check in with the Master of Red himself, the Commissar at Politburo Diktat. In one post, the Commissar gives us 10 signs your blog has made it, and in another notes a report that the US may provide aid to Iraqi communists as a bulwark against Islamic extremism. Uh, guys, didn't we just kick out the Marxist Ba'athists?

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Thanks for the link! Do you think maybe I over-reacted a tad? :) I still say he started it!

Posted by: Alicia at Feb 9, 2004 6:47:53 AM