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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Limited Blogging Today

I will not be doing too much blogging today, as the First Mate and I will be attending the Patriot Forum tonight in St. Paul, featuring Hugh Hewitt as guest speaker. Hugh and Duane will be visiting us just in time to see the physical proof of Al Gore's theory of global warming; as I write this, it is 15 degrees below zero. (I'm actually surprised the former Vice President isn't speaking in the Twin Cities this week to continue his "Bitter Cold of Global Warming" series of lectures. We could use the hot air.) We'll be dining with our fellow bloggers of the Northern Alliance, such as the gang at Fraters Libertas, Mitch Berg at Shot In The Dark, Big Trunk at Power Line, and many more. If you are a listener of Hugh's show, James Lileks will be guest-hosting live from our own Patriot station here in town, so be sure to stay tuned.

To get us all into the mood, make sure you get a chance to read Hugh's latest column in the Daily Standard on John Kerry. Only Hugh could tie the Boer War, McCarthyism, and the UN together coherently and apply it to the primaries. In discussing John Kerry's vote against the 1991 action to eject Iraq from Kuwait with full UN blessing, Hugh notes:

But a singular focus on the war is a lesson from 1900 that the White House has no doubt already absorbed. A vote for the Democrats isn't a vote for the Baathists, but it surely is a vote for the United Nations. A solid majority of Americans aren't going to support a side which believes that legitimacy resides only in recurring consents from the Security Council and recoils from the use of force even when the Security Council is onboard.

John Kerry voted against the Gulf War in 1991. Had Kerry had his way, Saddam would now be a member of the nuclear club, and the WMDs he had in '91 would have doubled and tripled in scope and lethality. Kerry was absolutely, positively, and enormously wrong about the most important vote of his public life. His judgment was flawed then and remains flawed now. A vote for Kerry is a vote for the Security Council, except in 1991 when that Council wanted war.

Make sure you read the whole thing, and then listen to Lileks tonight. We'll be at the St. Paul Hotel, if we haven't frozen to the road on the way there.

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Have fun! I'm going to listen to (and hopefully record) Lileks' show tonight, since I was too slow to pull the trigger on the Forum tickets.

Posted by: Steve Gigl at Jan 29, 2004 11:35:49 AM

I almost had two extra tickets Steve, but we're bringing my nephew and his girlfriend. (I was late too. Hugh said there were ten tickets left and I jumped on line to grab 4 of them.)

Posted by: DC at Jan 29, 2004 12:09:02 PM

We'll be dining with our fellow bloggers of the Northern Alliance, such as the gang at Fraters Libertas, Mitch Berg at Shot In The Dark, Big Trunk at Power Line, and many more.

Argh..I'm jealous! I'd even be willing to weather the sub-artic temperatures to be at that dinner.

Posted by: Joe Carter at Jan 29, 2004 1:20:38 PM

Hopefully all you Lileks fans out there will be casting your vote for him in the Fraters poll.

In case you are unaware, go to
and the poll is right there on the left side scroll. Cast your vote for James Lileks as best Hugh Hewitt guest :)

Posted by: Abigail at Jan 29, 2004 5:54:46 PM