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Sunday, December 14, 2003

The Biggest Story Before the Capture

Before I flipped on the news and found out about Saddam Hussein's capture, I was preparing to write a post about a new article in the Telegraph regarding a hard connection between Iraq and 9/11:

Iraq's coalition government claims that it has uncovered documentary proof that Mohammed Atta, the al-Qaeda mastermind of the September 11 attacks against the US, was trained in Baghdad by Abu Nidal, the notorious Palestinian terrorist.

Details of Atta's visit to the Iraqi capital in the summer of 2001, just weeks before he launched the most devastating terrorist attack in US history, are contained in a top secret memo written to Saddam Hussein, the then Iraqi president, by Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, the former head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service. ...

In the memo, Habbush reports that Atta "displayed extraordinary effort" and demonstrated his ability to lead the team that would be "responsible for attacking the targets that we have agreed to destroy".

It would appear that the documents have not been independently verified by the US, but if they are, it makes a solid connection between Saddam Hussein and his regime and the 9/11 operation. This connection, in combination with Saddam's capture, can and should stick a knife in the heart of the leftist campaign against US foreign policy in Iraq and the war on terror.

Big Trunk at Power Line also linked to this, but does not express much optimism for its wide dissemination. Let's hope the blogosphere steps up where the national media does not. And Hindrocket is pessimistic that it's on the level anyway, as it is just too good to be true. Read Hindrocket's entire take on the subject.

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