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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Marching Orders

I had the audacity to ask Hugh Hewitt, the Lord High Commissioner of the Blogosphere, to induct me into the Society of the Minnesota Master of the Horse (seeing as I'm in Minnesota, and I've been compared to at least one end of the horse on many occasions). Hugh kindly wrote me back and explained that there are three tests a blogger must pass in order to be inducted into Society, the first of which is to denounce the folks at FratersLibertas in a particularly shameful way. The first step I could take in that regard would be to blogroll them here. I should have done it earlier, of course, but I've been hitting their site through Power Line, being the lazy Captain that I am. But now I've added them to the Northern Fleet, and you can almost hear the lustre fading away from them. Besides, as Tim Robbins' favorite blog, FratersLibertas should be accustomed to scorn. (Of course, karma being what it is, I have no doubt that I'll find out Barbra Streisand has started to link here sometime soon, and what little credibility I have will be out the window.)

Not long after I got the e-mail from Hugh, I received a cautionary message from The Elder at FraterLibertas, warning me of losing my soul by giving into the Lord High Commissioner, telling me I would be nothing but his vassal, and imploring me to resist his siren's song. But his voice, Elder ... it calls to me ... resistance is futile ...

Of course, I had no idea that it was The Elder's birthday today until I read in today's Star Tribune ... which as anyone from the Twin Cities knows, is the absolute authority on truth in the Upper Midwest.

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Captain Ed-
As a member of HUAC, I have to warn you not to believe anything Hugh says. Besides, the man can only count to 2.

Posted by: Joe at Dec 2, 2003 7:38:29 PM