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Thursday, November 13, 2003

When Dreams Come True ...

Either this guy was having a flashback to a fraternity hazing stunt, or he really likes the casual look:

Despite the rain and wind, a man decided to visit a Marshall [MN] convenience store wearing nothing but his ``birthday suit.'' The 38-year-old man was staying at a local motel. He ran from his room about a half-block and across one of Marshall's busiest streets to the store on Wednesday.

Did you ever have one of those dreams where you are doing routine tasks when you suddenly discover you're naked? I don't think they're much fun, but to each his own. He's living the dream, all right! But what did he expect to do at the convenience store?

A store worker said the man appeared to be trying to steal things. The manager was backing out of the parking lot, noticed the naked man entering the store and went in to chase him out.

Uh ... where was he going to hide the stuff? [Rule #1: Never ask questions for which you really don't want to hear the answers ...]

A police spokeswoman says the man appeared to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

What a shocker!

By the way, today's weather in Marshall, MN: 45 degrees and windy. Brrr.

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In a similar story, a department store in England, I believe, had a sale for shoppers who would enter the store nude. Something about as many clothes as you could wear out for a single price, but you had to be nude when you walked through the front door. England is pretty cold too. If I can find the link again I will forward it.

Posted by: Alicia at Nov 13, 2003 11:16:42 PM

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