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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Get SWLiP Blogrolled on LGF

Brant at Strange Women Lying in Ponds, a most excellent blog, would like to get blogrolled at Little Green Footballs:

Let's talk turkey. The reader who gets SWLiP blogrolled on LGF will win a special prize: The Al Jarreau CD of his or her choice.

So if anyone reading this has any influence with the guys at LGF, let's see if we can't help Brant out. And while we're at it, maybe someone can get me a mention there too, or a link over at Instapundit. I'll cough up a Jim Croce double-CD album for anyone who can get me blogrolled at either place. Between Brant and I, we'll rescue the RIAA singlehandedly. Well, doublehandedly, at least.

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