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I'm a freshman at a small Midwestern college, and I never thought these letters were true ...

Well, I'm a middle-aged call-center director in a large Midwestern city, and I never thought I'd be running a weblog! Like some others in the blogosphere, I like to write and I believe I have something to contribute to public discourse. However, since I didn't graduate from college (to the everlasting regret of my parents!), and since I wasn't studying journalism anyway, any opportunity at landing a column in my local newspaper has been reduced to writing Letters to the Editor, which inevitably get truncated to almost incoherence. (It's not their fault -- I routinely run over their word count.)

So, if I am going to vent, it's gonna have to be in my own forum. I'd like to get a healthy debate going on here -- I don't pretend to have ALL the answers, but I'd like to think I'm intelligent enough to contribute. Maybe a better tagline for the forum would be "I vent -- you decide."

For those who are interested in my history, I am a refugee from Southern California, who escaped the coming Gray Davis regime in a hot-air balloon in 1997. (This is a Cold War reference, for those of you who are too young to get it.) I've been married for ten years, have a brilliant son, an even more brilliant daughter-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter.

Besides English, I speak a small spattering of Spanish, a few phrases of French, and I'm becoming conversant in Irish Gaelic, and yes, my alliteration fails me on that last point.

I'm a sports fan, although not near what I was when I was single, and I love Notre Dame football, Dodger baseball, and Pittsburgh Steelers professional football, in that order. Other than that, I pretty much root for home teams, both here in Minneapolis and in LA.

I like to think that I have a sense of humor, but y'all will have to decide that as I go along. I'll try to post some jokes and fun stories as I find them!


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